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Animal Health & Healing is a full service integrative veterinary practice blending holistic and conventional medicine and surgery to optimize the health of our patients.

A holistic approach looks at the entire life of the patient. This includes not only current symptoms of illness, but also environment, diet, lifestyle, previous medical problems, behavioral problems, and other stressors. The approach of holistic medicine is to heal the whole pet physically and emotionally. This differs from conventional western medicine which concentrates on suppressing symptoms of illness.

The holistic approach understands the body’s capability to heal itself. This occurs by rebalancing the life force within each patient. In western medicine the life force is the immune system. In homeopathy, it is referred to as the vital force while in Traditional Chinese Medicine it is called chi. Regardless of terminology, this healing energy can be released by various holistic modalities. When used by highly trained veterinarians these modalities are very useful in treating both acute and chronic disease. These therapies are effective and free of harmful side effects.

Patience and time are crucial once holistic treatment is started. This type of healing can take several weeks or even months with some forms of chronic disease. Examples of chronic disease that can be helped by this approach include cancer, kidney disease, heart disease, skin allergies, and arthritis. In today’s fast-paced world this type of healing can seem like a long, slow journey. In our view, it is a path well worth following. We hope you will embark on this journey with us. We truly believe following this path will give your beloved pet the best chance to heal.