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History: Bailey Woolf is, was, and will always be a miracle dog in my medical opinion. Bailey  was a  Shar Pei who was afflicted throughout her life with chronic skin and ear infections typical of the breed. Her skin and ear infections were managed with antibiotics and steroids when necessary and we sought to improve her overall health status with natural diets, antioxidants, fish oil, and immune system stimulants. In 2005 at age 10 Bailey was diagnosed with kidney disease. For any dog kidney disease is a guarded to poor prognosis. For a Shar Pei it usually is a death sentence since this breed is prone to amyloidosis which can hasten kidney failure. Most dogs will only survive 1-3 months after diagnosis. Yet, miraculously, Bailey lived a happy and good quality life for 2 ½ years after being diagnosed with this rapidly progressive fatal disease. Why or how was this possible?
    Bailey's human companion played the biggest role in her health care. It was her dedication and devotion to Bailey that may have been the key to her long life. An integrative medical approach combining western and holistic medicine was taken to help Bailey's body slow down the progression of kidney failure and to give her kidneys the best chance of repairing and functioning. A prescription diet, IVD Modified diet, was fed. This diet contains a moderate amount of protein and is low in phosphorous to decrease the load on the kidneys and to prevent high phosphorous levels in the blood stream. Her human companion would give Bailey subcutaneous fluids at home every 3-5 days. This would help to rid the body of toxins that build up when the kidneys are not working properly. Bailey was given Pepcid to decrease excess stomach acid that occurs with kidney failure. She also took Epikatin, a phosphate-binder, to help lower phosphorous levels in the blood.

     There are numerous supplements that helped to slow the progression of kidney failure in Bailey's body. Salmon oil decreased blood pressure, decreased urinary proteins, slowed glomerular changes and helped to preserve renal architecture. The anti-inflammatory effects of fish oil helps with glomerular nephritis and pyelonephritis.  Azodyl is a probiotic that helped to lower the level of urea in Bailey's blood. Urea is a toxin that builds to dangerous levels during kidney disease causing vomiting, lethargy, and anorexia. Bailey consumed Renafood,  Canine Renal Support, and Arginex mixed with her food. These are nutritional supplements made by the Standard Process company which are invaluable in helping us to treat kidney disease. These supplements contain protomorphogen extracts and whole nutrients that support the ability of the kidneys to respond to metabolic demands while maintaining their ability to rebuild and regenerate.
     Bailey was monitored at regular intervals for physical exam, blood profiles, and urine tests. Her human companion kept a watchful eye on her appetite, body weight and for any vomiting or loss of energy. Two or three times a year Bailey would need IV fluids given in the hospital to help flush out the toxins.

     In October, 2007 Bailey Woolf passed over the Rainbow Bridge.  Bailey had lived 30 months with a medical condition that kills most dogs within 2-3 months. Bailey's life was a miracle brought about by love, devotion, happiness, and integrative veterinary medicine.

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