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Dr. Snodgrass,

I want to express my thanks for introducing me to the Bicom 2000 system for Bogey. As you know, she has suffered from extreme skin allergies for years, and all forms of traditional therapy, including steroid shots, provided only temporary relief. The most recent steroid treatment actually caused an even worse problem -- pancreatitis. She has had to wear an e-collar almost non-stop in order to prevent her from chewing her paws and other parts of her body, causing bleeding and sometimes infection. Her condition worsens in the spring and fall during high pollen seasons.

When we came to see you in April this year, you suggested we try the Bicom system, almost as a last resort. After only 5 treatments, the change in Bogey’s overall health is nothing short of a miracle. The constant itching has all but stopped, and her e-collar is no longer a constant necessity. The system determined that she had several blocks to her immune system, and, over the years, she had been exposed to harmful household chemicals, heavy metals, bacteria, etc. With treatment, her system has been cleared of those problems, and she is a younger acting and happier dog.

I never thought it would be possible to restore her to good health, especially due to her age (12-1/2). Her previous owner had considered putting her down as long as three years ago since the problem seemed unsolvable, and she was miserable for much of the year. In the last 3 years, my daughter and I have tried every treatment imaginable with virtually no success, until Bicom.

All of us who have loved and cared for this little Yorkie are eternally grateful to you and the Bicom 2000 system! Her quality of life has significantly improved, and I’m convinced we’ve added years to her life. I highly recommend the treatments for any pet who is suffering in any way. Our results have been completely amazing!

Thank you! Please continue with this ground-breaking approach to pet wellness!

Diane Steinert

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