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The Veterinary Practice Act of Missouri requires us to have a current patient-client-doctor relationship before instituting any treatment or evaluation. This means our doctors need to see you and your pet in person to do a physical exam and start a medical record. Therefore, we do not offer any services via e-mail. We operate as a veterinary clinic and not a pharmacy. Therefore, we cannot dispense any medications or supplements without seeing your pet and having an established patient-client-doctor relationship.

A holistic approach to healing requires a close working relationship between our doctors and clients. As your pet’s guardian, you are a full partner in providing treatment to your pet. This may entail preparing a special diet, giving supplements, physical therapy, or medications. Our doctors will rely on you to observe your pet closely and keep good notes regarding your pet’s progress. This is especially important with pets receiving homeopathic remedies, Bach Flower Essences, and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Patience and time are crucial once holistic treatment is started. These treatments do not simply suppress symptoms but instead promote deep healing. This type of healing can take several weeks or even months with some forms of chronic disease. Examples of chronic disease that can be helped by this approach include cancer, kidney disease, heart disease, skin allergies, and arthritis. In today’s fast-paced world this type of healing can seem like a long, slow journey. In our view, it is a path well worth following. We hope you will embark on this journey with us. We truly believe following this path will give your beloved pet the best chance to heal.