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AHH recommends the following natural food diets: AHH recommends the following frozen raw food diets:
Azmira 800-497-5665 azmira.com A Place For Paws 800-354-4216 aplaceforpaws.com
Artemis 800-282-5876 artemispetfood.com Amore Pet Foods 604-273-8577 amorepetfoods.com
Bench & Field Holistic Natural 800-525-4802 benchandfield.com Animal Food Services 800-743-0322 animalfood.com
Blue Buffalo 800-919-2833 bluebuff.com

Aunt Jeni's Home Made 4 Life

301-702-0123 auntjeni.com
Canidae 800-398-1600 canidae.com BARFWorld 866-282-BARF barfworld.com
California Natural 800-532-7216 naturapet.com Bravo Raw Diet 866-922-9222 bravorawdiet.com
Eagle Pack
Holistic Select
800-255-5959 eaglepack.com Celestial Pets 818-707-6331 celestialpets.com
Flint River 909-682-5048 FarMore 866-507-8255 farmoredogfood.com
Hund-N-Flocken 800-364-4863 solidgoldhealth.com Grandad's Pet Foods 209-368-3025 grandadspetfoods.com
Innova/Innova Evo 800-532-7261 naturapet.com Halshan Premium
Raw Food
888-766-9725 halshan.com
Karma Organic 800-532-7261 healthypetfoodsinc.com Natural Balance Pet Foods 800-829-4493 naturalbalanceinc.com
Lifespan 877-petguard petguard.com Nature's menu 866-333-3729 naturesmenu.com
Merrick Pet Foods 800-664-7387 merrickpetcare.com Nature's Variety Prairie 888-519-7387 naturesvariety.com
Natural Choice Ultra 800-833-5330 nutroproducts.com Primal Pet Foods 866-566-4652 primalpetfoods.com
Newman's Own
800-865-2866 newmansownorganics.com Raw Advantage 360-387-5185 rawadvantagepetfood.com
Organix 800-875-7518 castropolluxpet.com Steve's Real Food for Dogs 888-526-1900 stevesrealfood.com
Pinnacle 800-255-4286 breederschoice.com Three Cheers Raw! Raw! Raw! 330-549-3077 threecheersrawrawraw.com
Prarie 888-519-7387 naturesvariety.com      
Premium Edge 800-977-8797 premiumedgepetfood.com      
Royal Canin 800-593-6687 royalcanin.us    
Timberwolf Organics 800-225-0904 timberwolforganics.com      
Wellness 800-225-0904 oldmotherhubbard.com      
Wysong 800-748-0188 wysong.net