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History: Tippy is a male neutered Border Collie/Beagle mix black and white dog. He was 4 years old when we first met him. He came to us for chronic skin allergies of 2 years duration, which bothered him throughout the year. Yearly vaccinations caused him to have hot spots. He had severe flea allergy dermatitis, was obese, and had been limping on his left rear leg for 2 ½ years. Tippy had been treated with prednisone and topical monthly flea treatments as needed. Tippy’s owner had started feeding a dry natural food 3 months prior to this visit.

Physical Exam: weight 70#, normal weight 50#, limping left rear leg, painful left knee, hair loss over rump, tail, and rear legs.

Diagnosis: Atopy/Allergies-fleas, environment
                   Vaccinosis-vaccines had resulted in hot spots on skin
                   Old injury left knee-suspect partial ACL tear

Treatment Plan:

Diet-decrease natural dry food, add meat or fish, veggies, liver.
                             - Supplements- antioxidants, flaxseed oil, digestive enzymes, and
                             ...bone and joint nutraceutical.
                             - Stop yearly  DHLPP vaccinations-do antibody titer testing instead
                             - Weight loss program
                             - Use monthly flea spot on treatment all year around
                             - Try antihistamines instead of prednisone.

Outcome: In just 2 months Tippy was feeling better. He had more energy and his hair was growing back. He was now able to raise his leg to urinate instead of having to squat. Over the next year he was still obese and still itched and scratched from time to time. At that point we started a homemade diet and within 5 months Tippy had lost 11 pounds. He still needed to lose 10-15 pounds to reach his goal weight. He was more energetic and was not limping as much. He was able to walk more and was doing a slow treadmill 10-15 minutes daily. His skin was doing well at this point. Two and half years after his initial visit, Tippy is enjoying a very healthy life. He is now eating a raw food diet and weighs 46#. He still takes his supplements daily, has much energy, no longer limps, and is no longer itching and scratching. His skin and hair are very healthy.

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