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    Bogey, a 13 year old spayed female Yorkie, suffered with severe skin allergies since her human companion adopted her several years ago. Allergy testing showed she was allergic to many environmental allergens, including trees, grasses, and fleas. Her allergies were worse in the warmer months, and she would scratch incessantly, to the point of causing severe trauma and infection to her skin. Corticosteriods eased her symptoms, and she often required antibiotics to clear up her skin infections. Her human companion came to us, seeking a more holistic, and hopefully, a more lasting solution to Bogey’s condition.
    After working with her diet, switching to a more natural food, and supplementing her diet with fish oil and antioxidants, she showed improvement. Homeopathic remedies and herbs gave her some relief, but she still suffered severe flare ups in the Spring and Fall, requiring the use of corticosteroid injections and antibiotics to get her through. She often wore an Elizabethan collar to keep her from biting and traumatizing her skin. After her last corticosteroid injection during a severe flare-up, Bogey developed pancreatitis, which made her very sick. She pulled through this episode, but since it is likely that the corticosteroids contributed to her illness, we needed to avoid any future corticosteroid use.

     At this point, Bogey’s human companion elected to try a new therapy using electromagnetic biofeedback. Bicom 2000 is a computerized diagnostic and therapy tool that uses electrodes to identify disturbances in electromagnetic oscillations in the body. Because the cells of the body communicate through electromagnetic signals, Bicom 2000 can identify disturbances that may be caused by bacteria, toxins, parasites and allergens. The Bicom 2000 unit reads the frequency patterns, identifies unhealthy pathogenic frequencies and positive frequencies in the patient’s system, and programs are used to modify the patterns to turn them into therapy patterns.

     At the initial therapy session, Bogey was very agitated, scratching and biting non -stop. Her skin was bright red, and she was miserable. Programs were used to strengthen Bogey’s liver, adrenal glands, and to treat anxiety. Programs were also used to treat vaccine and immune system blocks. Bogey showed frequency patterns for bacteria, heavy metals and chemicals in her system. Chemicals were treated at this session using programs to invert the frequency patterns so the body could eliminate them. Specific foods were also tested for compatibility, and several foods were found to work for her. At this time, we started her on two Standard Process supplements, Canine Dermal Support, which contains nutrients specific for the skin and the liver, and Antronex, which is a liver decongestant and natural antihistamine. After two therapy sessions, Bogey no longer tested positive for the chemicals. Heavy metals were then treated. At Bogey’s fourth therapy session, she no longer showed frequency patterns for heavy metals. Bacteria were then treated using the inverted frequency patterns. By the fifth therapy session, Bogey was much improved. She no longer showed frequency patterns for bacteria or toxins. Her incessant scratching subsided, and she was happy and playful again. Her human companion was so pleased with her progress that she wrote a testimonial, stating that “the change in Bogey’s overall health is nothing short of a miracle.” We continue regular Bicom 2000 therapy sessions every 2-3 months to help Bogey eliminate environmental stressors that put a burden on her system.


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